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Monday, May 07, 2007

JayIsGames group

If you've come here from JayIsGames, do consider joining the spanky new JayIsGames group at If you've never used before, it used to be known as Audioscrobbler and is a small and inoffensive plugin you add to your music player (iTunes, Winamp etc). As you listen to music, records the tracks you've listened to, builds up a profile and recommends music you might like and people who like similar music to yourself. You can also post nifty charts to your website or blog, like the one I have in the right-hand column over there. (Be careful though - if you've carefully cultivated an image of pure indie snobbery, it will faithfully record your "little sister" listening to the latest Nickelback record.)

In the meantime, here's some of my recent high-rotations...

Kid Congo Powers - I especially recommend Power, which is both melancholy and kinda inspiring.

The Gun Club - I actually arrived at that site after downloading Jack On Fire from Puritan Blister, who in turn was stealing bandwidth from the equally awesome Something I Learned Today. (She's done it to me too, with the Bing Ji Ling link at my brittletina site, but I'll overlook it on account of Puritan Blister is tha shizznit.) I have to admit that, although it's good, so far I haven't heard anything I love as much as Jack On Fire (which, by the way, is still at that S.I.L.T. post, so get clicking). I Hear Your Heart Singing is pretty nice.

The Divine Comedy - is one of those bands I didn't actually realise I knew. I downloaded some of their stuff after Puritan Blister posted The Pop Singer's Fear of the Pollen Count, and realised, "Ah ha, they're the guys who did that cute I Don't Want To Die A Virgin song". If you're nostalgic for late 80s/early 90s commercial pop, go nuts!

Busdriver - I have no idea what this guy's story is, but a song with a title like Unemployed Black Astronaut promises many delights, and I was not disappointed. Stay with it, it's kind of irritating at first but it grows on you.

Thee More Shallows - I really liked the song posted at I Rock Cleveland, Night at the Knight School. It's just... odd. It has harpsichord, or something that sounds like it. Unfortunately, when I clicked through to their Myspace page I didn't fall in love the way I did with "Knight School". Maybe I should give it another go - "Knight School" takes a couple of listens for you to not delete with extreme prejudice. If you love Witch's Hat's Glodyany 1972, you'll probably enjoy Night at the Knight School.

They Might Be Giants most recent free download is called Employee of the Month. If you were to sign up for TMBG's free mp3 club, you also could enjoy this funky and surprisingly rockin' tune.

Icky Thump - because I hate you.

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Noah said...

make sure you check out temporary forever and cosmic cleavage if you're into busdriver =]