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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Abjeez, "Arranged Marriage" (Khastegari)

A good 50% of Google searches leading to my blog are related to Abjeez in some way (they've been on tour in the US over the past month, see). In response to my (well, their) adoring crowds, I'm posting this rather charming video. If I'm interpreting the visuals correctly (I don't speak Farsi), one half of the video shows the young man being introduced to the prospective bride, the other half shows the homecoming of a new baby. (It also appears to be an ad for T2 - the tea company, not the Ah-nohld movie.)

I would never piss on the traditions of families who find this arrangement satisfactory, but I would hate to have my parents try to set me up with someone.

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Anonymous said...

This video is just great! I wish that Abjeez would have English underlines on this as they have on the latest video Demokraci(democracy). This is a fair copy of the Iranian tradition which many people like and believe in.
What some people might miss here is that first the families are happy with each-other but then the business part makes them fight one another(deciding the price over the bride and stuff..) and later someone says don't worry if you are not happy and try to make a child instead and it will probably bring you happiness!! This reminds me of my brothers marriage, almost a copy of his life.
What I love here is that you never see the bride in this video. Great job! These guys are different.