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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Lorem Ipsum

[Ah, this was supposed to be the first post... oopsie.]

Normally I'm quite anal about being original and not following fashion, but... how weirdly addictive are GOOD blogs??? I don't mean l33t h@x0r blogs, I mean ones that actually have meaningful or just good content, like Youngfook, or Stay Free! Daily, or Abu Aardvark, or Cityflirting (now there's a diverse bunch for you). And none of those are what I'm doing, which is (YAWWWWWWWWWWWWN) another mp3 blog. That's right, in a tried and true and boring format, I'm gonna upload around 10mb worth of MP3 every couple of weeks, with the obligatory guff about how I found it, what it's like and so on. The usual disclaimers apply: if you like it buy the album (or at least try to catch a show), if you're the artist and you don't want your stuff appearing on the blog just ask, yahda yahda yahda. I will prioritise songs you can't buy new (or, if you're outside Australia, at all).