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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Surviving the Coming Zombie Invasion

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Kingdom of Loathing player Watts is hosting a competition in May - submit your zombie survival plan for three different situations (local, national and worldwide zombie infestation) and win great prizes! It's world-wide - if your entry wins, Watts will visit a website that delivers locally to your country and buy you the prize. The prizes are:
  • Resident Evil 4, for whatever system suits you
  • A copy of Max Brooks' World War Z or Zombie Survival Guide
  • A t-shirt with the words "I had a great zombie plan but all I got was this Crappy T-Shirt" (probably handwritten in Sharpie by Watts himself)
The competition is intended to be aimed at Watts' fellow KoL/WoW players, and this post is aimed at the good folks who visit here from KoL (and occasionally JayIsGames). It seems a few of us have decided to give him a bit of free publicity - keep an eye on the competition page as he makes changes (or just collapses under all the extremely well-thought-out entries...).

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Grubenschnitzel said...

das ist mehr als nur grubenschnitzel
and my limit is 12
gefunden ├╝ber 365 dp

and i like it -ohne es zu verstehen-
wie finnische volksmusik
i´m just a fan