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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Who's A Jovial Fellow, Then?

I seem to have lost the first post for this blog, but it didn't have anything on it anyway. The basic gist is this - a blog to post things you couldn't easily get.

The title of this blog comes from what I tend to consider the best track from This Is Serious Mum's 1988 album Great Truckin' Songs of the Renaissance. With competition from tracks like "I Shit Me", "Kill Americans" and the epoch-making "Defecate On My Face", I've always considered it a tad blasphemous that TISM aren't internationally known on the same level as GG Allin, Anal Cunt and The Bee Gees. There's a sentiment amongst Australians that TISM have better song/album titles than songs (and an even commoner sentiment that they suck shit and should fuck back off to their Camberwell Rotary Club meetings), which as a fan of both cheesy 70's rock and cheesy 70's disco I'd like to dispute very much. Anyway, here's some examples - woo yay for synth rock with Grano Padano!

Martin Scorcese Is Really Quite A Jovial Fellow, from Great Truckin' Songs of the Renaissance [EDIT: Removed to make room for next post above]
I Don't Give A Fuck, grabbed from the White Albun DVD.

My favourite Scorcese movie is probably Goodfellas, but I'd put in a good word for King of Comedy. ("What? No Taxi Driver? No Raging Bull?" Fuck off, I'm a real person, not a fucking TIME-Greatest-Movies-In-History-O-Matic.)


Danny said...

Ain't nothing wrong with King Of Comedy, except for seeing Sandra Bernhardt in her smalls.

Fuck she's an ugly cow.

dickvandyke said...

Interesting blog concept, old boy. All the best with it.

Courtney said...

My very first boyfriend moved to Sydney after we graduated high school, and he found TISM, and was hooked. He used to talk about them in letters all the time. When I saw the TISM in your blog name, I immediately went here (and was right) rather than a misspelling of Tim's. Nice visit from the past for me.

Adam said...

The TISM song off the White Albun is better with the intro. The verson I got has the intro where TISM are introduced as the cast from "We Will Rock You!"

Markjongg said...

Hi there,
Would it be possible to get mp3 of 'Then the answer came' and 'I ain't no christian but I belive in jesus'. The are mentioned in the lyrics section of TSS, which is a top site. I didn't have the internet in 2002 being a backward hick and all. that would be ace. cheers

Adam 1.0 said...

I prefer If You're Creative Get Stuffed myself.