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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Tri... trianti-wonti...

Some time ago, I discussed with acb the possibility of uploading the entire Triantiwontigongolo compilation, with artwork and high quality mp3s. However, he kept whining about the quality of mp3s I sent him - despite using the LAME encoder set to the recommended settings, the mp3s kept coming out at a low, static bitrate instead of the hoped-for VBR - and I gave up. Anyway, I've decided to cut the Gordian knot and just post the damn low quality mp3s, together with equally low quality artwork. Given that the songs are recorded on four-tracks in people's living rooms, I hardly think they require FLAC to be enjoyed.

Rather than post by artist, I've decided to post just in random groups to show the diversity of the music on the cd. If you are one of those artists (or the distributor - Iain, you out there?) and you don't want your track posted, get in contact (my email address is written in the sidebar).

Sweet Cynicism, Popemobile (NOTE: This link now works - thanks to Dave for pointing out the error.) [EDIT: Link removed but Dave still thanked.]

Hey, all you bands who've been slagged off by Ben Butler - wanna hear him sing? I actually quite like this song, but there is a fairly obvious reason why Ben's a journalist and not a rock star.

Blood in the Streets, Masonite

You'll either love or hate this (the linked review hated it), but for some reason, it's grown on me over the years. If it's any comfort to you (and the reviewer), it's supposed to be a pisstake of Oi!, a genre I am utterly unfamiliar with, so have to enjoy the music based on my liking for yelling and tuneless brass sections.

Dragster - Deep Sea Diver

I know almost nothing about Dragster, but I like them a lot and this is uploaded as your dose of conventional, pretty pop for today (that's not supposed to be perjorative). I know that the singer was in a band called Wondrous Fair, AND I'M ABSOLUTELY FUCKED IF I CAN FIND ANYTHING ON THE WEB ABOUT EITHER BAND. If you know of anything please list it in comments.

Presumably, the name of the compilation is based on the mythical creature, more or less invented by C. J. Dennis, called a Triantiwontigongolope. "Triantelope" is a name for the huntsman spider, a mostly-harmless but nevertheless intimidating companion on wet nights.

Next fortnight, some Space Food.


Dave said...

Guess what, this is a real comment not just spam.

Um, the link on the popemobile track is broken, is
Should be:

I reckon, anyway. Doing good stuff, nice.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Have you taken down the Triantiwontigongolo tacks? Thanks.

Richard said...


I was a founding member of Wondrous Fair (from 84-85?).
I left when I got very angry (87).
I'm still in touch with the guy
who replaced me, but I haven't
had anything to do with
anyone else from WF for over
a decade.

Get in touch via my web page: