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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Jock Cheese, TMBG & Macaca Mulatta

In response to a reader posting (and by posting I mean "grovelling pathetically"), I'm posting a few tracks from a hard-to-find side project, Platter, by TISM's bass player Jock Cheese. A bit more information about this album can be found here.

Up There Calisi
La Traviata
Don't Burn 'Em All JD
Dave Grainey's Country Idyll (highly recommended)
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They Might Be Giants have uploaded three rather good live-on-radio MP3s to their website, free to subscribers of the TMBG mailing list. Just sign up right here.

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Chris Chinchilla, formerly of Art Brut and currently of Macaca Mulatta (and Melbourne resident! Aren't you proud?) writes:

In the next fortnight we're finally off into the studio to record our album! What with gigs getting hotter and busier and more labels sniffing about the band it looks like 2008 will be a good year...

In the meantime, here's some live shows to keep you entertained and to write about :-)

10/11/07 @ IDGAFF
160 Hoddle st, Abbotsford
With Telecom, Ross Cottee and The Cheats
--- Macaca Mulatta return to their spiritual home to celebrate the fact that London promoter Dom PopArt / Panic is in town!

17/11/07 @ The Espy
St Kilda, FREE
With Kids in Cults, The Red Cherries and The Bakelite Age
--- Macaca Mulatta head south of the river, and it's Free!

If you are not sure whether you would like to see Macaca Mulatta, even for free, you can check out their songs and live performances at their websty.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, for those Platter songs.. wow.. have to try harder to track down a full copy of this album now. I love it.

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