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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Yay Wouter!

Congratulations to Wouter Visser, who won both the Casual Game Design Competition #3 AND its Audience Award with Gimme Friction Baby (named for a Turbonegro song - you frickin' rock, Wouter!).

If you enjoyed the soundtrack to Gimme Friction Baby (ironically, the music is kind of shoegazey, quite the opposite of what you'd expect from the title) the band responsible are We vs. Death and their website offers many free downloads. May I recommend:

Wake 44 (the song used in Gimme Friction Baby)
(yes,) we went to Novgorod
mkultra are already gearing up for the Casual Game Design Competition #4, with a longer lead time and even more valuable prizes. If you're an aspiring game designer, keep an eye on the JiG site for an announcement of the theme. Hopefully it'll be more useful than "replay"!


jessica said...

Hey there,

I noticed that you've claimed one of the prized spots on the JIG team, and I was wondering if Jay was still accepting applications from would-be reviewers. We need more of a female presence on the site, yes? ;)


Ms .45 said...

Hey Jess,
I think Jay is always interested in hearing from prospective reviewers. The best thing to do is what I did, and just submit a review of a game you like. It demonstrates that a) you can write, b) you can write specifically in the JiG "house style", and c) you like to play games :) .