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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

You Must Have This - Leather Donut, etc

Cousin Creep has heroically started cataloguing the Leather Donut and Waste Sausage compilations, as well as other related Black & Red Eye artistes. You particularly must have:

The Cunt – Me & A Great Big Leather Man

Thug – Fuck Your Dad

The Furry Men of the North – I Like Looking At Naked Men

(Click on the link and scroll down.)

Plus, how can you not like a band called Purple Vulture Shit? Get over there and get downloading!!!


Cousin Creep said...

thank you for the kind words and the plug... am quite amazed that people still remember this era of Australian music...

HolyJoeSmith said...


I,ve been trying to contact your email but it don't work!?!

Even through TismSelfStorage.


Just like to tell you I am a big TISM fan & I like your site.
This blog is pretty good too.

Mr. Jenkins said...

Hey TISM fans!

New TISM forum open -

Early days at the moment - be first on your block to join!