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Monday, January 23, 2006

Roman Polanski Is Really Quite A Jovial Fellow

Read this, then flip a coin: do you want to fuck him or beat the shit out of him?

[EDIT: Why is it that when I post a fantastic set of songs like the Pash tracks below, no fucker comments, but when I profess a totally inappropriate interest in adolescent boys with pretensions to alternativia, people pour out of the fucking woodwork? PS jimh: go you good thing.]


Jim H said...

I wanna fuck him and Avril. In fact, I wanna seem them fuck and then fuck them both separately. Then I want them to eat my fuck, GG-style. Thank you.

Dave said...

"Most people my age..."

Unfortunately I can argue with little else of what he said.

I take solace in the fact that his crack habit must be nearly out of control. And that when he starts at Melbourne Grammar he'll be violated because he prefers soccer to footy.